Paris Gunman Served More Than 12 Years In Jail For Shooting At Police

DALLAS (AP) - An ex-deputy in North Texas must serve more than three years in federal prison after dozens of confiscated guns were stolen from an evidence room then pawned or sold.

Former Ellis County sheriff's Deputy Thomas Glen Smith of Hamilton was sentenced Thursday in Dallas to 40 months in prison. Smith in August pleaded guilty to possession or sale of stolen firearms.

Prosecutors say the 2015 case involved weapons meant to be destroyed.

Another sheriff's officer, ex-Lt. Philip Gary Slaughter of Mesquite, was sentenced earlier to 15 months after pleading guilty to possession or sale of stolen firearms. Slaughter supervised an evidence room where about 40 guns were stolen. Some weapons were advertised online.

Both deputies resigned in 2016. Smith, at the time, was with the Lampasas (lam-PA'-sis) County Sheriff's Office.

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