ORRIS Perfumery: The Essence Of Los Angeles Bottled Up

At $2.95 for a two-ounce bottle, the potion is selling so well in local hotels and novelty shops that Cook is planning wider distribution. Sales are booming despite a warning label on each bottle that reads: ``Not recommended for perfume. It would make you smell bad and no one would like you.``

City Manager Thomas Mikulecky concedes there is an infrequent odor in Peoria that he regards as ``rural.`` For anyone who has gotten downwind of a Midwest pig farm, for example, that`s small comfort. Instead of worrying about Peoria`s image, Mikulecky should be urging local businesses to set up a scholarship fund to assist other budding entrepreneurs like Cook. With more David Cooks around, Peoria`s economy would be the envy of all other Illinois cities.

Meantime, Cook says he`s working on additional fragrances. He`d better hurry. Other entrepreneurs are probably brewing up ``Essence of Los Angeles,`` ``Eau de Effluent`` and similar enticements even as you read this editorial.

Source : http://articles.chicagotribune.com/1989-05-03/news/8904090406_1_illinois-cities-illinois-river-odor

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