ORRIS Perfumery: The Essence Of Los Angeles Bottled Up

Raw. Transformative. Modern.

That?s how I would describe Capsule Parfumerie, a multi-brand fragrance house based out of Los Angeles that?s going to change your stereotypes about perfumes and cologne. Founded by husband and wife duo Mike and Linda Sivrican, Capsule Parfumerie is the name of the umbrella company that oversees its individual fragrance brands, all made locally and in-house in small batches: Fiele Fragrances, Capsule Parfums, Litoralle Aromatica, Musc et Madame, Saguara Perfumes, and Viajero Perfumes. While the company has a huge network of retailers that sells the fragrance brands, it operated on an online retail basis only until just recently when it opened the doors to its first flagship store on Melrose Avenue called ORRIS Perfumery. Designed by creative studio OPEN for Humans, the boutique houses all of the fragrances created by Capsule Parfumerie and looks more like an art gallery for perfumes rather than a retail store (more on this later).

I got the chance to tour ORRIS, including its in-house lab behind the store, and have become much more aware of the stories perfumes can tell. The fragrances created by Linda are definitely not your average department store scents with the same heady musks or overly exaggerated floral notes. Linda is an artist who paints with scents instead of colors, creating olfactory stories that are quintessentially LA: laid-back, different, complex yetrelatable, androgynous, and sensual. From leather scents inspired by moto jackets to bright palettes of lavender and grapefruit evoking scenes from a herbaceous forest, these fragrances are made with essential oils sourced from all over the world and are created for those who are truly seeking for a unique aroma.

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ORRIS Perfumery: The Essence Of Los Angeles Bottled Up
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ORRIS Perfumery: The Essence Of Los Angeles Bottled Up