ORRIS Perfumery: The Essence Of Los Angeles Bottled Up

What is this season’s theme? 

Capsule Parfumerie: We have a beautiful new fragrance brand called SAGUARA PERFUMES, which are based on desert flora. It is absolutely amazing and smells like nothing else out there on the market. There are 3 fragrances that make up the brand—Coyote Mint made with notes of mint, smoke, jasmine, vanilla, palo santo, Desert Lavender made with notes of lavender, sandalwood, verbena and Cactus Bloom designed with notes from melon, mimosa, tobacco, lime. The initial feedback from customers has been very, very positive. 

Are you carrying any new products and/or undiscovered gems you’re particularly excited about? 

Capsule Parfumerie: All of the fragrance brands we offer in our perfumery are all made in Los Angeles. Some of the brands were just launched recently and are not sold in many places, which makes them very special, unique finds. MUSC et MADAME’s Ambrette Rose fragrance is really surprising because of how men react to this unique scent. Typically florals are thought of as being very feminine, but this fragrance contains dirtier musk notes. The combination of 4 different natural absolutes of Bulgarian, Egyptian, Moroccan and Turkish rose mixed with the civet and ambrette musk seems to strike a chord with both female and male fans. SAGUARA PERFUMES’ Coyote Mint is brand new and an interesting take on a combination of mint and palo santo. People always comment on its uniqueness and have to smell it at least 3 times before they put it down.

Source : https://www.dwell.com/article/orris-perfumery-the-essence-of-los-angeles-bottled-up-ffcbdf2b

ORRIS Perfumery: The Essence Of Los Angeles Bottled Up
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ORRIS Perfumery: The Essence Of Los Angeles Bottled Up
ORRIS Perfumery: The Essence Of Los Angeles Bottled Up