Neotel To Get A Name Change

On 26 June, Neotel will change its name to Liquid Telecom, the company announced.

In a letter sent to business partners, Liquid Telecom said the name change is part of the company’s plan to consolidate its customers’ experiences into one point of contact.

“As Liquid Telecom, our focus will be pan-African, and our objective is to be the first choice network partner both in South Africa and across the African continent,” it said.

The company added that it will continue to invest in its enterprise and consumer services, along with its data centre capabilities.

“We are excited about the future,” it said.

Neotel launched its new “blue” brand in February 2017, which saw the company change its primary colour from orange and add Liquid Telecom to its logo.

>In June 2016, Liquid Telecom

entered into an agreement to acquire Neotel for R6.55 billion.

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Neotel to get a name change
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