Neotel Quietly Signs Big Deals

Neotel has signed a number of large enterprise contracts, including multinational clients, since it launched in July 2006, revealed Neotel head of strategy Angus Hay.

He addressed ITWeb`s 2007 Broadband and Wireless Conference, in Johannesburg, yesterday.

Hay said the second national operator has built thousands of kilometres of backbone infrastructure and has been active in the provision of wholesale service.

Neotel will soon launch its converged voice/Internet offering for the enterprise market, he added.

Hay sought to dispel concerns over whether Neotel actually exists and can deliver services to the market, as well as to provide an update on Neotel`s activities and milestones.

"Neotel is alive and well, and has reached a number of milestones since its launch in July 2006."

Hay would not disclose details, or the value of the enterprise contracts. However, he said the clients include multinationals based outside SA`s borders.

Earlier this year, Neotel landed a R378 million contract to provide bandwidth connectivity for government`s R454 million next-generation network. Business Connexion holds the rest of the contract and will deploy the government common core network.

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Neotel quietly signs big deals
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