Neotel Offers Mobile Landline Phone

Telecommunications group Neotel on Wednesday launched an Android dual-network phone for both landline and mobile phone technologies.

The ‘mobile smart landline’ NeoSmart links customers’ landline and mobile number on a single smart device, combining accessibility and connectivity with affordable fixed-line rates.


“This means that businesses of all sizes can take advantage of increased flexibility while drastically reducing their overall telecommunications spend,” said Neotel chief of business solutions and excellence

Abid Qadiri.

NeoSmart, which leveraged the group’s landline rates and its FreeCallZone, featured an expansive display and Beats Audio sound.


Businesses were able to create their own FreeTalkZone for a fixed monthly fee allowing employees to call each other for free, regardless of the region or city they are based in.

“It means employees will always be connected, in or out of the office,” he added.

The phones features included a ruim slot for a Neotel geographic number, a sim slot for a mobile GSM number, EVDO and GPRS capability for mail and calendar, captive touchscreen, 16 colours, full Outlook synchronisation, mail browser and applications.

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