NFL 'monitoring' UK Situation With 3 Games (including Giants Rams) There This Year

If we are to concern ourselves with football on the day of a major economic and political event, why not the NFL in London? It will be cheaper for American’s to travel there for a while and spend money on other things for a while. but those who call the Pound their primary currency won’t have the same ease to go to a game. It’s likely that it will be much more expensive going forward. Welcome to American athletics ticket pricing. I haven’t studied up enough on the issue regarding the exit from the EU but I do know it’s not immediate so there’s no real effect here any time soon. The markets will react like they would to anything else. And they will probably drop more for the next few weeks and then we will be back to the regular old stock market game. It will be interesting to watch what happens to the UK’s economy though. I do think we as a planet are better off working together but it seems like the EU had too much power and the countries involved didn’t get enough say. If countries want to have different immigration policies, fine. If you want to have different monetary policies, fine. If you are a wealthy country and don’t want to support the poor decision making of other countries without real compensation, fine. But don’t be surprised if Scotland and Northern Ireland bolt the UK now either. They voted to stay and should be able to do so. How novel of an idea is it that America might have a recession NOT of it’s own doing? Sure enough, if the UK/England catches a cold, America is all but certain to get sick as well.

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NFL “monitoring” situation in UK
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