NATPE Spotlight: Global Agency

Based on true events in Russian history, Golden Horde, which is part of the Global Agency catalog, tells the story of the reign of Berke Khan, Genghis Khan’s grandson.

“On the one hand, there is love and passion; on the other hand, wars for the throne,” Izzet Pinto, the founder and CEO of Global Agency, says of the drama. Another highlight is Evermore, about two people from different backgrounds who fall in love.

Global Agency is also presenting Open Call. Pinto says the shiny-floor prime-time singing competition “takes the excitement to a whole new level with a fresh twist of two dramatic moments in one audition,” as viewers see contestants’ auditions followed immediately by their live stage performances. He adds, “Open Call is an excellent match for any new media platform (Facebook, YouTube and more) that is currently expanding and looking for new entertainment content. In our format Open Call, the combination of the new-media online world and the shiny-floor TV studio is both natural and essential.”

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NATPE Spotlight: Global Agency
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