Milwaukee Bucks: Implications Of The 2017 NBA Draft Lottery

The 2017 NBA offseason witnessed multiple franchises abandon the direction of being a competitive team in favor of breaking down their roster to prepare for a rebuild. The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors have played against each other in three straight NBA Finals, and are favored to meet back up in the Finals for an unprecedented fourth consecutive time. This dominance, especially in the Eastern Conference because the team that LeBron James plays for has made the Finals seven straight seasons, has left many franchises and their fan bases hopeless. 

Except for the Milwaukee Bucks. They have a young corps led by their All-NBA forward Giannis Antetokounmpo. If they’re able to retain and develop their corps, then they will be one of the teams contending at the top of the Eastern Conference for the next five to seven years, minimum. 

That is why the 2017 NBA Draft was such an important one for the Milwaukee based franchise. They needed to put the finishing touches on their roster so they could continue to rise through the ranks of the NBA. While they didn’t own a lottery pick, they were still able to put forth a solid effort in bringing in young prospects to make their roster better.

How much better did the roster get it? I’ll be the judge of that and give a grade for each of the Bucks’ draft selections. 

Round 1, Pick 17 (17 overall): D.J. Wilson 

If the Milwaukee Bucks could go into a laboratory and create the ideal rookie power forward for their roster and system, D.J. Wilson would be the result. 

His incredible wingspan, thus the iconic Twitter handle, fits the mold of players that the Milwaukee franchise has drafted for the past few years. Bucks’ fans will be salivating over the defensive potential of a lineup consisting of Khris Middleton, Tony Snell, Giannis Antetokounmpo, D.J. Wilson and Thon Maker. Their combined wingspans (33+ feet!) could cover the width of a tennis court with ease, and they’re all athletic enough to play under the switch-heavy defensive system Head Coach Jason Kidd loves to employ. 

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