Microsoft To Update Windows 10 Privacy Policy, Will Be More Transparent With Data Collection

Windows 10 users could be downloading the next Creators Update in a few weeks, with Microsoft right now testing new features for its flagship OS.

The Redmond based tech giant are expected to be rolling out their next big Windows 10 patch, the Spring Creators Update, in March.

And as Microsoft gear up for the launch of the Windows 10 update, they’ve today released two new preview builds.

The Redstone 4 build, which is the next Creators Update, and the Redstone 5 build, which will be the second big update of 2018, were released today.

One of the headline features is the new Ultimate Performance mode, which will benefit Windows 10 Pro for Workstations users. 

This new mode improves on the existing High-Performance policy, and is for PC owners trying to get every last drop of performance out of their workstation.

Microsoft said the trade off for this extra performance is your computer is likely to use more power with this feature enabled than the default settings.

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