Microsoft Privacy Dashboard Shows What Microsoft Knows About You

The Redmond-based company also added a short description of the purpose of the setting, explaining how the data set is used and how it will benefit the user.

For example, when requesting access to your location data, Microsoft points out that sharing this will be necessary to "get location-based experiences like local weather and directions to your favourite places.

"Let Windows & apps request your location, and send Microsoft location data to help improve location services."

This simple panel can be accessed from the Windows Settings menu at any time – enabling Windows 10 users to change their stance on data collection at any time.

Windows 10 Creators Update also allows PC owners to delete Cortana voice data for the first time.

Marisa Rogers, Head of Windows and Devices Group Privacy Office, said: "We are committed to helping ensure you have access to even more information and can review and delete data we collect via the Microsoft privacy dashboard.

"This month, we will bring voice data to this dashboard, so you can review the data we have which improves Cortana’s ability to naturally respond to your requests as your personal digital assistant."

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