Melania Trump: I Would Spend The Holidays On A 'deserted Island' With My Family If I Could

Although first lady Melania Trump invested time and energy into decorating the White House for the holidays, she revealed Thursday her ideal place to spend the season is somewhere a lot warmer than the nation's capital.

“I would spend my holidays on a deserted island, a tropical island, with my family,” Trump told a group of children during a question-and-answer session while visiting the Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C.

The first lady added that the Trump family would enjoy a festive dinner on Christmas Eve, go to mass on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, “then [have] another family dinner” before Santa Claus arrives on Dec. 25.

But she warned the kids in attendance about the dangers of overindulging, saying she preferred to dine on "healthy food."

Trump was also asked about the gift she would request from Santa Claus.

“That’s a nice one,” she said. “Peace on the world, health, love, kindness."

Earlier, Trump read "The Polar Express," a book that is "very special" to her, to patients, family members, and staff who gathered in the hospital's atrium.

The tradition of the first lady visiting the hospital began 60 years ago with Bess Truman.

“The holidays are a time for hope, love, traditions and family, and it is my wish for everyone to be able to celebrate them in good health with their loved ones," Trump said later in a written statement. "Many of the patients and families I visited with today cannot spend the holidays at home this year, so I ask everyone to keep them in their thoughts and prayers as we hope for a speedy recovery and joyous New Year."

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