Mayor Of London Sadiq Khan Adds Disclaimer To Old Campaign Website

Labour's Sadiq Khan has been elected as London's new mayor - but who is the man who will be in charge of the UK's capital city for the next four years?

Sadiq Khan's life to date has been characterised by beating the odds - which is what he has just done to become mayor of London.

When Labour politicians put themselves forward to run for mayor last year, Mr Khan was far from being the favourite. The bookies' money was on Baroness Jowell, a veteran of the Tony Blair years who had helped bring the Olympics to London.

But if there is a pattern in Mr Khan's career, it's one of coming from behind.

The new mayor did not have a privileged start in life. He was one of eight children born to Pakistani immigrants, a bus driver and a seamstress, on a south London housing estate.

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