Mayor Of London Sadiq Khan Adds Disclaimer To Old Campaign Website

The mayor of London Sadiq Khan has added a disclaimer to his old campaign website saying the contents do not necessarily count as policy pledges.

The website, first set up before Khan was selected as Labour’s candidate for the mayoralty, contains some policies which are no longer part of the mayor’s manifesto.

However, the disclaimer, added more recently, disavows the contents of the website, and points users instead to Khan’s manifesto document, which drops some of the earlier pledges.

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Some of the policies not included in the final manifesto include a pledge to plant two million trees in the capital, as well as to cut bus fares during his first year as mayor.

The disclaimer says: “Some of the information on this page may be out of date and does not reflect campaign pledges or Mayoral policy. As such it contains some pages that are out of date, including some old campaigns, some early ideas, and some policies that were later overtaken by events.”

Khan said he was “not sure” when the disclaimer was added and who instructed it to be added when he was questioned on the disclaimer at mayor’s question time in the London Assembly.

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Conservative London Assembly member Andrew Boff said the campaign website presented a “misleading picture” of the mayor compared to his “much smaller manifesto”.

Boff said: “This is a campaign website littered with promises that any reader would assume were pledges Khan would try to deliver if elected.”

He added: “Since I began asking him some awkward questions about it, a disclaimer has mysteriously appeared on the site, effectively conceding the promises amount to nothing. You couldn’t make it up."

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