M'sian Haj Pilgrims Volunteer For TH's Sahabat Maktab Programme

MECCA: Tabung Haji’s (TH) Sahabat Maktab programme, introduced in 2006, continues to see encouraging response from Malaysian haj pilgrims who volunteer to help manage the welfare of their fellow pilgrims.

The 320 men and women who make up this year’s Sahabat Maktab squad volunteered their services with no expectation of payment or reward, other than Allah’s blessings, Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Islamic Affairs) Datuk Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki said here.

“The reward for assisting the dhuyufurrahman (Allah’s guests) with sincerity is of high value. We appreciate those who have accepted (the responsibility) and are willing to take on the (role),” he said.

Speaking to pilgrims before presenting Sahabat Maktab vests to 36 volunteers from Maktab 81 at the Abraj Al-Fadhilah hotel here on Friday, Asyraf said some of the volunteers specialise as Sahabat Medik or Sahabat Ibadat, depending on their background and expertise.

“The Sahabat Ibadat might help out by being imams or bilals at their respective maktab suraus, while Sahabat Medik can provide medical assistance or advice,” Asyraf added.

The 36 volunteers will assist TH in managing 2,673 haj pilgrims in Maktab 81, who are spread out over three separate buildings.

“It is not an easy task for 600 TH officers to look after the comfort, safety, welfare and health of 30,200 haj pilgrims. That is why we need volunteers to help out,” said Asyraf.

Deputy Minister in the prime minister's department Datuk Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki puts on the Sahabat Maktab vest on Mual Suaud, one of the 36 volunteers from Maktab 81. Pix courtesy of TH

One of the Sahabat Maktab, Dr Nor Azah Mohamad Nawi from Kedah, said that as a former TH officer, she is familiar with the medical issues faced by pilgrims.

“I was part of the TH medical team in 2009 and 2010. Now, I come as a pilgrim, and have offered my services,” said the specialist in family medicine.

Dr Nor Azah said as she did not bring any medical equipment, she can only contribute her advice and recommend medical treatment for pilgrims when necessary.

Earlier, Asyraf called on the pilgrims to remind each other that taking care of their health these last few days before Wukuf (on Aug 31) is very important.

“Some pilgrims are busy chasing umrah (which is not compulsory for haj). They are always in fifth gear, but could lose steam later when it matters.

“In Wukuf, the critical time is the few hours between Zohor and Maghrib. We don’t want to be tired out at the time when our prayers and supplications are most likely to be accepted,” Asyraf added.

Source : https://sg.news.yahoo.com/m-apos-sian-haj-pilgrims-030029924.html

M'sian haj pilgrims volunteer for TH's Sahabat Maktab programme