Letters To The Editor: Making Excuses For Trump Is Not Leadership; Support For Ryan Zinke

Neither candidate is my choice, Elizabeth; I don’t feel either one is psychologically fit to hold any office, let alone that of POTUS.

No, Bill Clinton never said you should expect sexual assault for serving in the military: he’s demonstrated that sexual assault may be expected – and accepted; period.

No, Bill Clinton hasn't been recorded speculating about how soon he can ‘bed a child’: Trump’s statement was indeed pathetic, and made more so with a twist of influence toward an alternative perception. Unfortunately, in his mind, statements like this are one of the highest compliments he ignorantly knows to offer a female. Publicly and privately, Donald Trump has long placed high value on his association with women –beautiful women. He has called 30 "a perfect age". Though he has consistently hired women for positions of power in his organizations, he has also revealed his preoccupation with interoffice sex. Let’s just say it: Donald Trump is a sexist pig; albeit an OVERT one.

No, Bill Clinton has not repeatedly and publicly called women pigs or dogs: he has publicly demonstrated that their value to him is comparable to pigs and dogs. Decades of hole–and–corner predatory sexual behavior - exploitation of young women in subordinate roles - multiple sexual assault allegations, and rape allegations follow Bill Clinton – as do decades of Hillary’s enablement, complicity, and her antagonistic and demeaning position toward her husband’s accusers, which makes the fact that Bill Clinton has ‘managed’ to stay married to his first wife Hillary’s shame: she sets a poor example of a true “champion of women” who claims “every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed, and supported”.

"He started it!" is the reaction of a child: childish words aren’t the only indicator of immaturity: Hillary isn’t strong in taking personal responsibility, she lies, demonstrates her belief that the rules don't apply to her or hers, etc. And Bill… well, Bill and Donald simply share many immature parallels.

No, Bill Clinton is not running for POTUS now, but Hillary has said if she wins the election, Bill will have a “perch in government”.

There is no defense for Bill Clinton or Donald Trump; but either Hillary or Trump - there’s going to be a vulgar, lewd, offender in the White House.

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Letters to the editor: Making excuses for Trump is not leadership; Support for Ryan Zinke
The Corne¬ Daily Sun Vol. 132, No. 116