Laura Benanti's Melania Trump Addresses 'Fire And Fury' Claims In 'Late Show' Return

After Michael Wolff released his controversial tell-all about Donald Trump and his administration, late-night host Stephen Colbert is ready to investigate the validity of the book’s claims, enlisting the help of Melania Trump.

Welcoming the return of The Late Show's frequent Melania Trump impersonator, Laura Benanti, on Wednesday, Colbert was quick to ask her whether anything claimed in Fire and Fury was accurate. “It is pure fiction. Fake book. Every single word is lie,” Benanti’s Melania said.

Though the (real) first lady’s spokesperson said that Melania supported Trump’s decision to run and "was confident he would win and was very happy when he did,” it was claimed in the book that Melania cried on election night.

“Oh, no no. That is true,” Benanti’s Melania revealed after Colbert asked about her rumored tears. “But they were tears of happiness. You know like you do at your wedding or every morning in the mirror.” The faux FLOTUS also explained that, at times, she has the “dead-eyed stare of contentment.”

The book also claims that many in the administration refer to the president as an “idiot,” but fake Melania noted that “one of the grandchildren can’t even talk yet.” As to whether she and her husband sleep in separate rooms, Benanti’s Melania explained that she hasn’t “slept since the election” and there is also “no space” for her in Trump's bed once he has eaten his nightly cheeseburger, as claimed in the book.

Benanti’s Melania then joked that there is a surplus of “hiding places” in Trump Tower, which helps her avoid seeing him, as the book implies. Wolff also wrote that the staff refers to Trump’s daughter Ivanka as the “real wife,” because Melania is always absent. “Oh yes, but the staff has all sorts of funny nicknames for us. They call me ‘flight risk.”

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Laura Benanti's Melania Trump Addresses 'Fire and Fury' Claims in 'Late Show' Return
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