Krauthammer: 5 Things Donald Trump Can Do To Get Back On Track

On Tucker Carlson Tonight Charles Krauthammer laid out 5 things President Trump can do to fix White House turmoil.

1. Make an unimpeachable appointment for FBI director.

2. Stop tweeting.

3. Go on his scheduled nine-day, five-city foreign trip.

4. Use the trip to announce a huge shift in U.S. foreign policy, thereby changing the narrative about his administration.

5. Daily sessions with Dr. Krauthammer.

"He doesn't easily compartmentalize. He doesn't have that almost kind of psychopathic ability to make distinctions, as Clinton did. I think he gets sort of into everything, and it takes him over," Krauthammer analyzed.

"So, I don't think he can. But that's why he needs to see me, probably for an hour a day for several years," the doctor joked.

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Krauthammer: 5 Things Donald Trump Can Do To Get Back On Track
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