Kota Marudu Needs Major Floods Funding, Say Max

@herpderp, fubar-you’re both morons as well.

i don’t know whether or not you’ve heard of a technique called heat mining. it’s a geothermal energy harnessing technique that could probably power the entire earth indefinitely with little to no waste. it would completely eliminate the world energy market, and every oil baron would go bankrupt. And so, because of money, the world is denied free power to everyone.

this is the same reason we don’t have electric cars. or maglev trains that go ten times faster than the one in japan. it’s why we don’t use hydroponics and land management techniques to put food in every single mouth on this planet. it’s why we don’t change our industrial practices and use hemp to create all, not some but ALL, of our clothing, paper, houses and plumbing (yes, it can be done).

I mean, have any of you guys even seen the recent steps toward a united world corporatocracy? that kind of government can’t survive with free abundant resources. they need money, lots and lots of money, and in order to get it they have to artificially limit supply and manipulate demand, and thereby dictate price. the easiest way to do this is control and limit the manufacture and development of technology, namely through buying and controlling patent rights.

and rod-it’s common knowledge that brownouts and blackouts drive power prices up, that scarcity is profitable. sure there’s a buck to be made-and it’s gonna keep on being made, over and over and over again, as you go out and buy a pack of twenty every month and somehow the developers disappointingly never seem to come up with a model that has a longer lifespan.

Source : http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/80beats/2011/03/28/scientists-create-worlds-1st-practical-artificial-leaf-10x-as-efficient-as-the-real-thing/

Scientists Create World's 1st Practical Artificial Leaf, 10X as Efficient as the Real Thing
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