Joy Reid: It’s Hard To Tell The Difference Between What Trump Says And The Words Of Kim Jong Un

During Saturday’s “AM Joy” on MSNBC, host Joy Reid reacted to President Donald Trump “casually threatening” Venezuela and promising “fire and fury” to be unleashed on North Korea, saying it is getting harder to tell the difference between what Trump is saying and the words of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.


“Trump spent this week ratcheting up the rhetoric even as his own cabinet tried to tamp it down,” said Reid . “All of the macho war talk between rounds of golf at Bedminster has made it difficult to tell Trump’s words from those of the brutal 33-year-old dictator of North Korea. Take, for instance, some of the tough talk from this week about a sea of fire or the threat that only absolute force can work on him. Can you guess who said it? … OK, all of those came from Kim’s regime, but you weren’t 100% certain, were you? Because with Trump it’s very hard to tell the difference.”

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Joy Reid: It’s Hard to Tell the Difference Between What Trump Says and the Words of Kim Jong-un
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