If Clichés Just Aren't Cutting It, Here's Some Real Leadership Advice From The Professionals

"You look at his calendar, it's pretty simple. You talk to him about a case where he thinks a business is attractive, and he knows a few basic numbers and facts about it. And [if] it gets less complicated, he feels like then it's something he'll choose to invest in. He picks the things that he's got a model of, a model that really is predictive and that's going to continue to work over a long-term period. And so his ability to boil things down, to just work on the things that really count, to think through the basics — it's so amazing that he can do that. It's a special form of genius."

Source : https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2017/07/if-cliches-just-arent-cutting-it-heres-some-real-leadership-advice-from-the-professionals

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