IAA 2011: Lotus Debuts New Exige S With 350HP V6 And Rally Spec Exige R GT

najibest on Dec 09, 2010 at 11:25 am

last time around when PETRONAS partnered Sauber, they came out with the EO-1 engine…a high ouput high performance modern engine that unfortunately didn’t make it to our national cars due to various reasons (and yes politics is 1 of them….the fact that Proton at that time wanted to develop the Campro engine is another thing)….

hopefully, this time around, proton would be able to capitalize better on this opportunity…i mean last time around PETRONAS managed to do so and they’re not even a car company….

hopefully they would get better technical insight into engine technology and promotional values for the Lotus brand…and not to mention i’m still hoping proton would gain access into sharing some technology from the Renaul-Nissan alliance…

things that they definitely would not be able to do with TF team since it’s pretty much a private team and after all the brohuha with developing Malaysian motorsports industry, partnering local universities for research and development etc that was touted when they launched the team, i don’t see any of those happening or even mentioned by them now…

for me the only reason for TF to take on the Lotus brand for his team is for merchandizing purposes…making money out of the legendary brand…which is why Proton is unhappy with them since they’re not getting much cut out of it…else TF would probably named his team Team AirAsia in the first place…and i’m wondering why David Hunt didn’t take any legal action to TF when TF was saying that his team is the continuation of the original Team Lotus etc while certainly it’s not since Lotus Racing only recently purchased the rights from David Hunt…i mean if David Hunt was so adamant that he’s the owner of the brand, he should have been mad when someone was using it illegally…..

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