How To Make All Natural Kitchen Cleaner

More people are becoming conscious about the products they use in their home. 

What chemicals are used in the ingredients? Will it harm my family in the long run? These are all questions that parents are starting to take seriously when doing their shopping. 

Sadly, a lot of home cleaners have hidden toxins that are not even listed on product labels. 

For example, a toxin like phthalate, which is used in scented household products like air freshener, has been proven to have endocrine disrupting properties.  A 2003 study found a link between the toxin and poor human semen quality. 

But in some countries, companies are not required to list all the phthalates used to create scents in products, and instead use words like "fragrance". 

When it comes to products that are 100% natural and chemical-free, South Africa does not have a lot of choice.

But the good news is we are seeing a lot more natural companies popping up in the country. 

If you are having trouble finding non-toxic products at your local grocery store, why not try making your own.

Like this all-purpose homemade cleaner that is great for cleaning kitchen surfaces, and even the floor! 

Check out our video for the details. 

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