How F1 Should Start And End Its Season

Bottas gave the challenger its debut in the morning before Hamilton got his first taste of a car he has been described as a “work of art”.

However, it appeared that the W09 was hit by an early teething problem as it stuttered out of the Mercedes garage for Bottas’ first run, with a swarm of Silver Arrows mechanics then summoned to push the car back to base.

After a short recess, the W09 then returned to the track with both drivers experiencing the car around the British GP venue either side of the team’s formal launch at midday.

Bottas said of his opening run in the W09: “The first few laps in these kinds of conditions and the wet tyres it’s difficult to draw any conclusions but what was positive is that everything was working well, nothing felt strange, everything was working as it should, the car wasn’t doing anything funny and it was responding to everything so it’s a start.”

In complete awe. The amount of focus, determination and expertise into every ounce of this car is astounding. I can’t wait get racing and push this beast to its limits. It’s so much more than a machine 🙌🏾 @MercedesAMGF1 W09 EQ Power+ #DrivenByEachOther

— Lewis Hamilton (@LewisHamilton) February 22, 2018

Under Formula 1’s Sporting Regulations, Mercedes are permitted to run up to 100km outside of official testing on designated filming days.

Speaking at Mercedes’ Silverstone launch event, team boss Toto Wolff said the team’s designers had attempted to keep the positive aspects of last year’s W08 while curing the negatives that led him to christen it a “diva”.

“We’ve tried to preserve what we had in terms of speed in the car and find more driveability,” he said.

“The concepts are very different (with other teams). You can look at solutions but we have in the last years tried to stay true to our design philosophy and continue to develop.”

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