How America Lost Its Mind



If you have been paying any attention to the news of late, you may well be doing more than just scratching your head. There is increasing evidence that America has simply lost its mind. Let’s start with the story about the nine year old who accidentally shot her shooting instructor in Arizona while learning how to use an Uzi, not mind you on single shot, but on repeat. What kind of parent even allows a nine year to handle such a weapon, and this was at a guns and burgers fun camp????? Are you serious? The rest of the world is now laughing at us for our sheer stupidity.

Let’s move a little further west to Malibu beach. Been there, done that. There’s been a hurricane out in the Pacific off the Baja. It’s produced some of the biggest and most dangerous waves ever. This naturally attracted lots of surfer dudes with a death wish, and sure enough some died yesterday. But even worse, America likes to watch such sick spectacles. So the beach was lined with mere observers, by the hundreds, like sick NASCAR people who go to the races to watch people wreck. Are you kidding me? Get a life!

Then of course there was the earthquake in Napa Valley. Everyone with any sense knows that eventually the San Andreas fault is going to go, probably sooner rather than later. And yet people just continue to blithely go about the business of rebuilding over and over again. You might as well build on top of a dormant volcano. Even birds have more sense than this. As they swept up the broken glass and mopped up the wine, you could hear them say “It’s not my fault, its San Andreas’ fault.” Seriously?

Of course insanity is a regular part of life in numerous places in America. Take for example whole cities like Phoenix or Las Vegas. These cities were built where there is no natural water supply, and where there is not enough rain to meet even modest needs of a middle sized city. So of course they have to buy water from a distance, and drain lakes from around dams, like the one at Hoover Dam. Even the Israelites knew wandering in the desert without food and water wasn’t smart.

Then there are now states prepared to legalize and sell drugs like pot for recreational, not medical purposes. Drugs that do nothing to enhance one’s mental acuity, nothing to make one a more productive citizen, a better neighbor, nothing to promote the common good, it’s all about me and my feelings. In other words, this is done to make money and further the cause of narcissism which is the most rampant disease in America.

I shouldn’t talk about other states without mentioning my own— Kentucky which once again in the election season is ranting and raving about regulations on coal industries, and how we need our coal jobs and how coal is not a dirty energy, and how its regulations that have caused the loss of coal jobs in eastern Kentucky (when it is actually mechanization that is mostly responsible, mechanization by the coal industry itself!!!). Talk about being in total denial (or simply telling lies) about the realities of coal and what it does to workers in mines, and what it does when it involves mountain top removable, and what it does to our air in this state. Give me a break!!

Finally, on the news last night there were doctors alarmed by the growing trend of parent who refuse to have their children innoculated for things like whooping cough, injections that have been proved safe and beneficial for years. What’s the result? Well we now have more and more communicable diseases being spread in our schools by these very children who are susceptible to such diseases! There are some parents that should be put in time out until they repent and think of someone other than their own little precious darlings!!!

I could go on to mention: 1) the disaster in Ferguson Mo.; 2) Americans volunteering to join Isis, and aiding and abetting the killing of other Americans; 3)Ohio is considering banning teaching the scientific method!!!! And worst of all, a good deal of this behavior is being exhibited by those who call themselves Christians. Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy….

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