Hope Hicks Went From Mimicking Ivanka Trump's Style To Ripping Off Melania Trump's — And It Could Reveal A Building Drama Inside The White House

  • Hope Hicks has gone from emulating Ivanka Trump's style to mirroring first lady Melania Trump's fashion picks. 

  • Since President Trump's election, the right has turned against Ivanka. 

  • Hicks' fashion choices could signal a shift in how the White House communications director — once an ally of Ivanka — is thinking about the Trump administration. 


Hope Hicks has come a long way since doing PR for Ivanka Trump's fashion line.

And while the 29-year-old White House communications director rarely speaks on the record, the evolution of her fashion reveals some key facts about the direction of the Trump administration. 

During the Trump presidential campaign, Hicks' fashion choices were very similar to Ivanka Trump's. But over the last few months, Hicks has ditched the flattering pastels of Ivanka for the more severe fashion of first lady Melania Trump. 

Here's a look at the evolution — and how it could represent a massive shift in the mindset of one of the most trusted members of President Trump's administration. 

Source : http://www.businessinsider.com/hope-hicks-fashion-evolution-melania-ivanka-trump-2017-12

Hope Hicks went from mimicking Ivanka Trump's style to ripping off Melania Trump's — and it could reveal a building drama inside the White House
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