Holiday Gift Ideas For Gender Non Conforming Kids

Her comment after the question threw me for a nanosecond. But then I went back to the question and decided it was really a non-question. Because when it comes to gift buying for kids -- at Hanukkah, Christmas or birthdays -- I'm an advocate for giving a child something they really want. In other words, gifts are supposed to add to a child's happiness. And my emphasis here is on the stand-alone word "child's," with no gender-labeling modifiers.

So, regardless of her nephew's preference for playthings that may not fit the over-gender-stereotyped marketing of toys, my friend had answered her own question. Bottom line: He's a kid, and she knows what he likes. And whether or not he's gender non-conforming needn't be part of the equation. I also suggested she check in with her sister. Maybe he already has a dozen My Little Pony toys. Perhaps he's hoping Santa will bring him a scooter, a Barbie, Legos or some FurReal Friends this year.

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Gender Non-Conforming Kids
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