Here’s Some Real News That Both Sides Would Agree Is Not Fake: Trump’s Tax Returns

(Tom Toles)

Oh, the endless disputes about fake news! Is there any information that everyone could agree is real? Something relevant and valuable to the ongoing debate over whether President Trump’s activities have somehow enmeshed him in nefariousness or whether he is as pure as his driven hair?

What might such information be? How about actual written documents, documents compiled before all the hubbub, documents written by Trump himself? Surely these would be accepted by his supporters as representing Trump’s point of view, yes?

Of course, there is that nettlesome problem of them being “under audit.” These tax returns have apparently been under continuous audit since their filing, and their auditing status is evidently permanent. The good news is that these must by now be the most thoroughly audited documents in the Milky Way, and now well able to withstand the glare of being read by the public, which has read other presidents’ tax returns.

I’m sure we can find a two-week window or so when the undoubtedly exhausted auditors take a break for summer vacation to let us have a look at the returns, too.

There are those who say that Trump’s tax returns are not the definitive place to look for a complete record of his business dealings (if any!) with Russia. That’s okay! It would be reliable documented evidence of genuine public interest, as I’m sure everyone could agree.

So let’s agree to agree! Let’s have a look at real documents, that Trump himself wrote and signed! Nobody is arguing that real facts about honesty in government are not of interest to the governed (right?).

So in the spirit of important real facts we can all agree on, let’s see the Trump tax returns — now.

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Here’s some real news that both sides would agree is not fake: Trump’s tax returns
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