Harford Week

Every year about this time, the person occupying the office of the Harford County Executive gives a speech. Those words are generally called the State of the County.

Almost without exception, he or she, yes, Harford once elected and re-elected a woman as its executive, has painted a rosy picture of where the county is economically, emotionally, financially, etc., etc., etc. The sentiment most often expressed during the state of the county address is “The State of the County is strong.”

Not every executive uses anything close to those words, but be assured they do their best to project the brightest, rosiest, strongest picture of the county that they can. They claim all the good stuff they can and, as much as possible, they dump all the bad on their predecessor. And then they say how the coming year will be wonderful. That’s true even more so in election years.

This year, an election year, was no different when Barry Glassman stepped before the cameras and microphones last Tuesday. He extolled all the positives he claims his administration has accomplished. He got in at least one dig at his predecessor. And then he laid out a plan for the rest of 2018. Don’t forget, that includes voting for him for another four years.

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There’s also the black cloud of never-ending health insurance and prescription medicine cost increases hanging over many of us, as Glassman correctly pointed out. Whether it’s the county government, any of our small businesses or any of us, each year we pay more for health care and very few, if any, get commensurate raises to offset those increases.

As we go forward, those items and others will need to be addressed. But all in all, we agree with Glassman that the state of Harford County is good and strong and certainly a whole lot better than it was 10 years ago as we were about to be faced with the economic crisis of 2008.

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