Harford Community College President Talks College Finances, Sports Complex

A primary duty of the president and the Board of Trustees is to maintain the solid financial condition of the College to ensure that it continues to fulfill its mission. The College examines expenditures on a continuing basis and makes cuts where they can be made without damaging the programs on which the students rely. That is an ongoing process with the result that the ratio of full-time employees to students is the lowest among the state's community colleges. In other words, we're lean and still able to offer small classes and quality instruction from a superb faculty. The tuition increase projected for next year will still have the HCC cost of attendance among the lowest in the state, and attending HCC will continue to be an educational and financial bargain for our students.

Finally, as the editors of The Aegis have correctly stated, community is part of our name. It is a major tenet of our mission to be community-centric. That is one of the reasons we strove so hard and for so long to create a partnership with Towson University to bring baccalaureate degree education to the county. The result is that the Towson University Center in Northeastern Maryland at Harford Community College will open this coming fall to allow community college graduates to complete bachelor degrees without having to leave the county. That is a strong plus for the community.

Source : http://articles.baltimoresun.com/2014-05-09/news/ph-ag-golladay-statement-0509-20140508_1_harford-community-college-athletic-fields-leagues/2

Harford Community College president talks college finances, sports complex
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