Happy Thanksgiving!

ELIZABETHTOWN — Thomas Scozzafava stared in amazement as a frisky dog on a leash happily bounded toward him at a recent Board of Supervisors meeting.

The last time the Moriah supervisor had seen Dan the dog was the day before Thanksgiving, when the pup and five other animals were rescued from an abandoned Mineville house.

Sheriff’s Deputies Shawn Lapier and Robert Rice, Moriah Animal Control Officer Edward Roberts, the town’s code-enforcement office and the County Department of Social Services all teamed up on the rescue.

And the animals were turned over to the North Country SPCA in Elizabethtown for intensive medical care and socialization.

“Wow. This is the first I’ve seen him since then,” Scozzafava said as he bent to pet and thump the thick, shiny coat of the wagging dog before him.



The reunion of supervisor and dog came after Scozzafava gained unanimous support from his colleagues for a resolution of appreciation to thank Rice and Lapier for their efforts in saving the animals that day.

The pair were recognized for their “prompt and professional response to the situation and rescuing the abandoned animals,” according to the resolution.

As the deputies received warm applause from the panel of supervisors, Dan was brought forward by SPCA staff members, who did all they could to hold onto his leash as he surged ahead to greet members of his rescue party.

Both deputies smiled, laughed and petted the wriggling dog, which had gone from weighing just 32 pounds when he was found to his current 70½ pounds in the six weeks since his rescue.

SPCA Director Tara Powers said there had been an adoption application was under review for Dan but it didn't work out.

And the last two dogs, Anna and Pepper, were still awaiting adoption as of Wednesday afternoon.

But two of the other rescued dogs and the cat had each found forever families.

“They found wonderful homes and are very much recovered,” she said. “We’re really happy for them.”



At that time of the rescue, Scozzafava said he “nearly lost it” when he saw the conditions the five dogs and one cat were living in at 70 Curtis Lane in Mineville and that some of the creatures had been tethered to furniture.

All were described as emaciated with ribs showing, and the supervisor said one dog had pulled so hard on its restraint that it had broken off a piece of furniture and was still dragging it around when found by rescuers.

Their plight had been discovered by the postal carrier who told Scozzafava she saw one of the dogs through a window while on her delivery route.

The animals’ former owner, Jerry Hendrix, 34, is due back in Moriah Town Court on Jan. 23 to answer four misdemeanor charges in violation of State Agricultural and Markets Law for failure to provide proper sustenance and two alleged violations of the county’s unlawful tethering law.


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