Hallmark Channel Warms Up The Nights With Winterfest

No matter where you live, it’s cold. But Hallmark Channel has the perfect way to warm up your nights with their annual Winterfest original movies made especially for this time of year.

So, if you have a fireplace, get the fire going, grab some hot chocolate, and settle in for four nights of cozy TV watching.

The four-week fest begins Saturday with “Love on the Slopes.” The film stars Katrina Bowden as Alex Burns, an editor who desperately wants to be a writer. She takes on the challenge of the magazine’s contest for their new writing position. Alex sets her sights on extreme sports photographer Cole Taylor (Thomas Baudoin). He sounds like the perfect subject for an article. But when the magazine insists she tackles some extreme sports herself in order to understand her subject, well, what will happen next?

The following week, Jan. 13, Winterfest continues with “Frozen in Love.” Rachael Leigh Cook stars as Mary, the owner of a store that is having financial difficulties. She tries to resuscitate her Denver establishment with the help of a PR company. Guess who else is getting some much-needed assistance from the same PR firm? None other than Denver Royals hockey player Adam (Niall Matter) who needs help with his reputation. You know what’s going to happen with these two struggling people. It’s definitely time for some winter love.

Jan. 20 has “One Winter Weekend,” with not one but two couples finding winter romance. Cara Huntley (Taylor Cole) and her BFF Megan (Rukiya Bernard) go on a winter weekend trip to get away from men. But who do they happen to find while on their snowboarding getaway? Ben (Jack Turner) and Sean (Dewshane Williams) are also taking breaks from dating and, you guessed it, they all discover that when you aren’t looking for love, it finds you.

Winterfest finishes with “Winter’s Dream” on Jan. 27. Kristy Swanson is Kat, a former pro skier looking to revive business in her little mountain town. Dean Cain is Ty, a widower with a young daughter who comes to town for the ski races. By the end of the movie, Kat, Ty, and his daughter, Anna, all come to terms with their lives and, yes, this is a Hallmark Channel film, so there is a bright future in store for all of them.

We all watch Hallmark Channel because we know by the end of the movie everything is rosy. And on cold winter nights, this is exactly what we need. Set your DVRs, mark your calendars, and settle in for cozy Saturday nights with reliable, enjoyable, and romantic movies with the 2018 Winterfest on Hallmark Channel.

Source : http://www.heraldextra.com/entertainment/columnists/francine-brokaw/hallmark-channel-warms-up-the-nights-with-winterfest/article_d9e78685-7bf6-5423-b786-03cb0e2d93b4.html

Hallmark Channel warms up the nights with Winterfest
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