Gonyeti Punches Above Weight

THE buzz around President Robert Mugabe’s gift of a “special chair”— which observers insist is a wheelchair — has attracted top comedian Samantha “Gonyeti” Kureya’s attention.


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Comedy producers, Bustop TV, has released a hilarious 2-minute 43-second skit titled New Toys which shows a snoozing Gonyeti seated in a “special chair” decorated with balloons.

She wakes up with a start and dips her fingers into a packet of imported Lay’s potato crisps — which Mugabe was shown munching during a live recording of his belated birthday celebrations in Matobo on February 25 — and starts eating while battling to keep her eyes open.

Last year, Mugabe’s government introduced Statutory Instrument 164 of 2016 barring the import of a raft of goods including foodstuffs as a way of stimulating local production.

The 93-year-old Mugabe has been pictured sleeping at local and international official events as he battles old age.

Bustop TV has, however, put a disclaimer of the skit saying any resemblance between Gonyeti’s chair and Mugabe’s “gift” was purely coincidental.

Last month the country’s most-sought-after master of jest, Carl Joshua Ncube, feasted on Mugabe’s penchant for travelling outside the country, insinuating Mugabe was now a visiting President to the country.

“Love how President Mugabe is encouraging people to #visitZimbabwe from time to time… #leadingByExample,” he wrote on social media Facebook.

Comedian Sam “Cde Fatso” Munro of Zambezi News also poked fun at Mugabe’s speech gaffe during the official opening of the Third Session of the Eighth Parliament where the Zanu PF leader read a wrong speech.

Bulawayo comedian Ntando Van Moyo last year suggested during a performance that there should be a whisky brand named after Mugabe, as a dedication to men that have stood the test of time.

“Our President has been around more than anyone in this room. He has stood the test of time. Like whisky he gets better with age,” Moyo said.

Source : https://www.newsday.co.zw/2017/04/07/gonyeti-punches-weight/

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