GOOD RIDDANCE: Sally Jones 'DEAD' White Widow ISIS Jihadi 'zapped In Syria Drone Strike'

Last month the wife of an ISIS fighter exposed the plight of British teenage girls married off to jihadists in Syria after she managed to escape the terror cult's Raqqa stronghold.

Islam Mitat, now 23, was forced to go live in the caliphate, when her husband became a jihadi fighter and she soon discovered life in Syria’s 'Little Britain'. 

Her neighbours included the so-called ‘terror twins’ from Manchester, three schoolgirls from Bethnal Green and other jihadist brides who had run away from Bristol and Glasgow. 

Speaking to the Sunday Times, Islam has revealed the horrors of life as a jihadi bride and the Brits she met in the ISIS stronghold. 

Physics student Islam first met her husband Ahmed Khalil on a Muslim dating site. 

Khalil, who grew up outside London, promised her a new life in Britain, but said they first had to move to Turkey. 

She revealed she had witnessed mutliated bodies of ‘traitors’ hanging and seeing the street filled with mutilated bodies after an air strike.

Islam said: "It was hard to see someone next to you killed. Blood and all of this.

"It was terrible."

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