Fundraising Efforts Benefit Saga Humane Society

Cherryland Humane Society is making their fundraising efforts a little brighter!

They’re working with local artists to paint what they call “Donor Dogs.”

The donor dogs are essentially a piggy bank that looks like a dog.

They were sort of old and worn out so some local artists are giving them new life, sparking some dog-gone interest in donating to the Cherryland Humane Society.

“Recently we decided that the donor dogs that are out there have been out there for close to fifty years and are starting to kind of not be noticed anymore,” Deane Widgren, Community Outreach Coordinator at Cherryland Humane Society.

The saying goes you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

But that’s not the case for these old donor-dog fundraising jars.

“We gave them an upgrade. We got some new dogs and a lot of community painted the new ones that are going out there,” Widgren said.

Several local artists painted the new dogs in various ways.

“Some of them painted them in memory of their animals that have passed and when you see them they are brightly colored,” Widgren said.

All in hopes of raising more money needed for the animals at the humane society.

“We need to pay for our utility bills that are very high, food and bedding shampoos and just everything an animal needs and they go through a lot of it,” Widgren said.

A small change in hopes of making a big difference.

Money from the donor dogs are needed and make a difference in cats and dogs lives while they wait for a forever home.

Be sure to be on the look-out for the new donor dogs located at multiple Grand Traverse and Leelanau County stores!


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