From Darth Vader To Wonder Woman: Syfy Wire's Best Ongoing Comics Of 2016

Writer: Kieron Gillen

, Aritst:

Salvador Larocca, Colorist: Edgar Delgado

Imperial in-fighting and intrigue, the scheming by the well-developed supporting cast, elegant artwork and spartan scripting, and oh yeah, VADER. These were just some of the highlights of the second and final year of Darth Vader. While Vader is the obvious star, it was the people around Vader, from his reluctant allies to his many enemies, who helped us learn as much about him as any actions he did.

The final six-issue stanza especially featured some of the most impressive and badass Vader action in the entire series, which is really saying something. His final showdown with Cylo, one of the best adversaries in ANY comic book of the last few years, is epic. Cylo proved to be endlessly fascinating and his ‘secret weapon’ against Vader - the kill switch to his armor - not only was a nice twist, it made perfect sense. Because of course an ambitious, duplicitous Imperial scientist would have a failsafe against the Frankenstein monster he created. Given the story’s timeline, we knew that Vader is going to survive, but that was never the point of this story. It was about reaffirming Darth Vader’s position as the most fearsome force in the galaxy. With issue #25, the duality of Anakin/Vader that was hinted at the past two years, comes to an end. Darth Vader quashes whatever was left of Anakin as he fully embraces the Dark Side. This is Vader approaching the peak of his power and his mercilessness. Vader’s period of redemption is over. Now is the time for him to plan his next move … reuniting with his son and overthrowing his master. It’s what Siths do. - Mike Avila

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From Darth Vader to Wonder Woman: Syfy Wire's best ongoing comics of 2016
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