Flood Situation In Kota Marudu Worsens

Sabah Disaster Management Committee says an additional five flood relief centres open to accommodate growing number of victims compared to only six earlier.


KOTA KINABALU: A total of 2,874 victims from 851 families are being sheltered in 11 flood relief centres in Kota Marudu now as compared to 808 victims from 159 families this afternoon.

Sabah Disaster Management Committee secretariat head Col Mulliadi Al Hamdi Ladin said an additional five FRCs had to be opened to accommodate the victims as compared to only six earlier.

“The villages affected are Kampung (Kg) Longob, Kg Beliajung, Kg Bengkongan, Kg Talantang 1, Kg Masalog, Kg Magaratong, Kg Rakit, Kg Morion, Kg Piso, Kg Salimandut, Kg Tandek, Kg Asin-Asin, Kg Lotong, Kg Parong, Kg Gorontung, Kg Pancur and Kg Hatob,” he said in a statement.

Continuous rain since 11.30pm yesterday (Tuesday) caused two rivers in the area, Sungai Bondon and Sungai Pandau, to overflow their banks and cause massive flooding.

Mulliadi added that as at 6pm Wednesday, the water levels of the two rivers were decreasing but still at the alert level.

“Although the number of victims has increased, we are expecting the situation to return to normal soon as the water levels at both rivers are decreasing,” he said.

Source : http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2017/01/18/flood-situation-in-kota-marudu-worsens/

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