Fake Melania Returns To Late Show To Address Ivana Trump Comments

Stephen Colbert has waded into the feud between the two Mrs. Trumps.

During Thursday’s episode of The Late Show, Colbert welcomed back Laura Benanti, the program’s go-to Melania Trump impersonator, to weigh in — in character, of course — on President Donald Trump’s first wife, Ivana Trump, recently calling herself the first lady.

“I want you to feel like The Late Show is your home,” Colbert told Benanti-as-Melania.

“Aw — can I move in here?” she said, striking several exaggerated poses.

When Colbert asked the faux FLOTUS about Ivana Trump’s remarks, she played it cool. “They did not affect me, Stephen,” she said. “In fact, I want to let Mrs. Trump know that I have tremendous admiration and respect for Ivanka.”

“Her name is Ivana,” Colbert pointed out.

“I know,” fake Melania replied with a wink.

TONIGHT: Tis the season for a Late Show exclusive with Melania Trump, who's ready to put a few familiar faces on this year's naughty list... pic.twitter.com/8386Lo3AQd

Source : https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/fake-melania-returns-show-address-035117194.html

Fake Melania returns to Late Show to address Ivana Trump comments
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