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Unlike the rest of us, UPS has already begun to plan ahead for the holiday season. On Monday, UPS announced that it’s raising its shipping rates around Black Friday and Christmas.

This is the first time UPS has charged “peak” rates for shipping during certain times. Between November 19 and December 2, you’ll have to pay $0.27 more for every package sent to your home using UPS Ground. From December 17 to 23, you’ll have to pay the additional 27 cents again for Ground shipping. There’s also an 81-cent fee for next day shipping and a 97-cent fee for two or three-day delivery.

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Extra-large packages will be charged an additional fee between Nov. 19 and Dec. 23.


FedEx may also increase prices during the holiday season, according to The Wall Street Journal. Retailers, especially those that operate online like Amazon, may respond to this shipping increase by increasing their shipping prices, increasing the price of their goods, or by choosing to cover the cost in favor of more online business.

UPS said that the fee was necessary because the cost of shipping the items, including hiring seasonal employees and paying for more transportation, increases during the peak periods. Citi Research estimates that the fees will add $50 million in revenue for UPS this year.

One way to avoid the peak rate is by doing holiday shopping early (before November). You could also get items shipped to stores for pickup—or, of course, do all your shopping in real life.

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