Even A Chinese Firewall Can’t Stop Donald Trump From Tweeting

The countries the president has traveled to so far—Japan and South Korea—are allies with few to no restrictions on internet use. But China, the next stop on his trip, is notorious for its Great Firewall that blocks many major websites, including Facebook, YouTube, and, yes, Twitter. That raised an unlikely but tantalizing possibility for the 68 percent of Americans who, according to an ABC/>Washington Post poll, find the president’s tweets “inappropriate,” the 65 percent who find them “insulting,” and the 52 percent who find them “dangerous.”

Source : http://www.slate.com/blogs/future_tense/2017/11/07/donald_trump_will_be_able_to_tweet_from_china_on_his_foreign_trip_despite.html

Even a Chinese Firewall Can’t Stop Donald Trump From Tweeting
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