Essential Phone Pure White Version Ready From Website, Best Buy, And Amazon

Anyone running a PH-1? How is it? I really like this phone, notch and all, but I don't trust Essential to be around to support it past a year or two, and I feel that's a generous assumption as it is. As for the notch, it's weird because it's narrow like the iPhone X's is weird because it's wide. I wonder if a phone without Apple's elaborate FaceID could meet somewhere in the middle and look good. As for the notch cutting into your video, how about the video only goes to the bottom of the notch, and swiping up and down on either side of the notch (because it's sideways) do brightness and volume, like swiping up and down on the sides of the video do? Then everyone wins. Drop the soft keys and put them on the fingerprint reader, on the rear of the phone like LG/Pixel, and do gestures like Motorola. Then we can put that stupid debate to bed, too.

Or, you know what? Here's an idea. No notch, no bezels, no selfie camera, for people who don't want to take selfies. No rear camera, either. Cell phone cameras kind of suck. Fingerprint reader is located dead center of the back. The only way you can tell up from down on this phone is, at one narrow end is the SIM+microSD card slot, and on the other narrow end is the USB Type C port. If you're wondering about cameras, you can just use something like a GoPro. HTC also had that inhaler looking camera. You could do something like that. But in the box comes a sort of dock that adds a camera on either side, a better speaker, and of course the headphone jack. You can leave the dock on and it'll look like a normal phone, except the cameras define a top and the jacks define a bottom, making it confusing in that regard. But if it were me, I'd stick the Flygrip on the end with the SIM card slot, just so my thumb never has to reach past the dock when installed.

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