Donald Trump Under Fire After Failing To Denounce Virginia White Supremacists

The Guardian

Ben Jacobs and Warren Murray

Sunday 13 August 2017 05.02 BST

Donald Trump has faced bipartisan criticism after failing to explicitly condemn the role of white supremacists in clashes with counter-protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, that culminated in a car running into a crowd, killing at least one person.

The president said he condemned hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides on Saturday. He then repeated the phrase on many sides for emphasis. A White House spokesperson later amplified the presidents remarks, telling the Guardian: The president was condemning hatred, bigotry and violence from all sources and all sides. There was violence between protesters and counter-protesters today.

But there was strong reaction to Trumps refusal to denounce far-right extremists who had marched through the streets carrying flaming torches, screaming racial epithets and setting upon their opponents.

The clashes started after white nationalists planned a rally around a statue of the Confederate general Robert E Lee that is slated to be removed.

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Charlottesville: Trump under fire after failing to denounce white supremacists
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Charlottesville: Trump under fire after failing to denounce white supremacists