Donald Trump Criticised For Golfing Habit After Playing 19 Times In 13 Weeks

But US President Donald Trump is attracting even more attention than ever after it emerged the President has already visited the golf course 19 times in the past 13 weeks.

While the majority of past US leaders have all been fans of the sport, none have played so frequently this early in the game.

According to theNew York Post, the sport is more than a pastime and is potentially good for his business and Golf Digest dubbed him the “Golfer in Chief”.

Thank you to @GolfDigest for this incredible feature! "Golfer-in-Chief" @RealDonaldTrump

— Eric Trump (@EricTrump) January 17, 2017

The President “has been noisily and passionately promoting his golf properties in every corner of the typically staid golf community for more than a decade” the Post reported.

Mr Trump has long been a fan of the sport and in doing business in or around the course.

The President even brought up a game last month played between corporate executives, even encouraging the chief executive of General Electric Jeffrey R. Immelt to reveal a story about a game they played years ago at one of his courses.

“Jeff actually watched me make a hole in one; can you believe that?” Mr Trump said.

“I was the best golfer of all the rich people.”

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Donald Trump criticised for golfing habit after playing 19 times in 13 weeks
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