Donald Trump And Russia: The Timeline


To the Editor:

I do wish that all living former presidents would raise their voices in unison to counter President Trump’s selfishness, ignorance, and lies and distortions of the truth, and so affirm the American way of life and government.


To the Editor:

Re “Trump’s Delight Over Indictment Hardens to Fury” (front page, Feb. 19):

President Trump can blame the Democrats, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and George Washington to his heart’s content, if he so wishes, for Russian meddling in our elections. But they are all entirely irrelevant.

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He is the president. It is his job to fix this.



To the Editor:

The Russians Are Coming (Again)” (editorial, Feb. 17), about Russia’s interference in our 2016 presidential campaign, ends with a reference to President Trump’s “mysterious resistance to acting against Russia.”

If Mr. Trump had been compelled to release his income tax returns during the campaign, we might have discovered how financially indebted Mr. Trump is to Russian interests.

Congress must pass a law making the release of years of the most recent tax returns a requirement for any presidential nominee.



To the Editor:

Sometimes lost in the discussion of the threats accruing from Russian manipulation of the 2016 election is the fact that our adversaries concluded that the most effective way to undermine American democracy and weaken the United States would be to help elect Donald Trump as president.

Apparently, they judged that the worst outcome for the United States, among a number of bad choices, would be a Trump presidency. Say what you will about Vladimir V. Putin, the Russian president; he isn’t stupid.


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