Donald Trump's Silence On The CIA Hack Is Deafening.

In the past few days, Donald Trump has tweeted about Arnold Schwarzenegger, Vladimir Putin, ExxonMobil and wire-tapping. 

But in the wake of the biggest national security leak since Edward Snowden, both Trump and his White House have been decidedly silent. 

Trump has not spoken or tweeted about the 8761 documents and files published by Wikileaks overnight that presents a scathing expose of the intelligence-gathering methods of the CIA. 

It's unusual for an administration to keep mum about such a revelation. The White House could have accused Wikileaks of fabricating the evidence, or have expressed their concern about the privacy breaches, or have offered their resolute support to the CIA. 

But by doing nothing, Trump is leaving the CIA out in the cold. 

So this is from an Australian news outlet but when I read it I thought that they asked a very good question;  "Why hasn't the Twitter tyrant tweeted about this?"

Which by the way goes right along with "Why doesn't Donald Trump EVER criticize Russia for anything that they do either?"

Staying away from any conspiracy theories one might assume that Trump is waiting for more details before he responds, but then of course you would then remember that he accused President Obama of tapping his phones based on a Breitbart article with absolutely NO real facts to back it up.

Okay so then if you got just a little more conspiratorial you might think that since he is having this ongoing battle with the intelligence agencies maybe he is secretly glad that the Russians hacked the CIA and released the data on Wikileaks, but realizes that gloating about it publicly is not exactly a good idea.

However if you go right ahead and take the plunge into the "conspiracy" pool you might assume that since we have been told that Trump is helping the Russians target American journalists, that he is also working with them to go after American intelligence agencies that he also considers his opponents.

Which of course would mean that none of this surprised him in the least, and in fact he was aware that it would come out to deflect from news that these same intelligence agencies are set to testify in front of Congress on March 20th.

Diving a little deeper we might then come to the realization that Trump is in fact an active Russian spy currently working with, if not for, Vladimir Putin and helping him scoop up all kinds of damaging intelligence while also undermining our democracy from within.

But of course those are just conspiracy theories, right?


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Donald Trump's silence on the CIA hack is deafening.
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