Did Steve Harvey Get Played By President Trump On Low Income Housing?

By Dr. Sinclair N. Grey III

Steve Harvey is much more than a comedian. He’s a radio and television personality. In addition to that, everyone knows he’s the host of the game show Family Feud. With all of these accomplishments, Harvey is busy putting together programs that help youth throughout the country.

Because of Harvey’s popularity and influence on people, not just in the African-American community, President Trump tapped Harvey to work alongside Dr. Ben Carson and HUD to help make housing affordable for low-income individuals. On the outside, this sounded like a good idea when Trump proposed it.

When Harvey met with Trump at Trump Towers in New York, many people speculated that Harvey was being used as a pawn for Trump. Why? In meeting with Trump, you are seen as condoning his policies. However, Harvey was quick to dismiss those allegations. In fact, Harvey received much criticism from his fans that he was forced to address the issue on his radio show. He told his fans, “Change can only happen when we sit at the table. If we sit at the table, then we can have a say as to what’s to be eaten on the menu. I have an obligation to take a seat at the table when invited.” according to The Hill.

Well, the question is how does Harvey feel about Trump now?

According to an interview with TMZ, Harvey believes that Trump is keeping his word. Harvey admits to working with Carson and Trump on the issue.

Obviously, Harvey has yet to digest Trump’s proposed budget which is seeking to cut $6 Billion from the Housing and Urban Development. “Over 75 percent of the agency’s budget is allocated to help the underprivileged pay rent. If $6B is likely to be cut from HUD, it’s obvious that Trump has not kept his word to Harvey,” according to Rolling Out.

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Source : http://yourblackworld.net/2017/04/20/steve-harvey-get-played-president-trump-low-income-housing/

Did Steve Harvey Get Played By President Trump On Low-Income Housing?
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