Deoband Campus Now Off Limits For Tablighi Jamaat

This is the first time in the seminary's over-100-years-old history that it has shut its doors on the Tablighi Jamaat, its own ideological offshoot. The action, said the seminary's rector Mufti Abul Qasim Noamani, was needed to prevent a clash among Deoband students who were getting divided into two camps. "We are not against Tablighi Jamaat or its works but were only worried that our students might get sucked into the fight between the two factions. We tried to mediate between the groups to help them sort out their differences but failed. The ban will be lifted only after the two factions bury their differences," Mufti Noamani told TOI on Thursday .

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Deoband campus now off limits for Tablighi Jamaat
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