Day 11...Disclaimer..lad

Now I held it together. I used every single tool in my arsenal, from exercise to guzzling a 16 oz bottle of water to sipping on hot tea to 0 point snacks.. and limping along I made it to bedtime and was right where I should be...

Flash forward today.. feeling crampy, cranky and the opposite of hungry.. Had an awesome workout this morning which helped... the thought of lunch is kinda meh.. but... I am looking forward to dinner! RED MEAT... sometimes it is the only thing that will fix whatever is hormonal and sending me off the rails..

Yes, tonight's dinner will be pepper steak. I have a beautiful red pepper and some vidalia onion and flank steak. Love making pepper steak, because it's quick and easy and I can adjust all the ingredients to match both my husband's and my preferences quite simply.

I like the vegetables more crisp tender and my meat very, very rare.. I pull my portion out of the pan and let his cook just a little bit more..

I have left over cauliflower rice from Monday night's dinner so a nice salad with artichokes and green olives (cause you know that little salt devil is hanging out today)... and I have the makings of a satisfying meal on several levels.

Now to deal with this bloat.. I've been "experimenting" with apple cider vinegar.. every where I read it is supposed to be good for this.. honestly I can't tell if it is working, but here's the thing I do know, I actually like the flavor and I do feel like it is a settling agent for my stomach if it is feeling a little off..

Have a great day! Working my way towards one as well!

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Day 11...Disclaimer..lad