DIY Valentine Heart Lollipops

These fun and colorful chocolate Valentine’s lollipops are a perfect Valentine’s Day dessert or treat for kids to give to their friends…

DIY homemade valentine's day chocolate heart lollipops for kids

Both of my kids had notes in their backpacks that they’re having Valentine’s Day parties at school. They have to bring enough Valentine’s for each of the other children in their classes. I love a cute homemade Valentine, don’t you?! In the past we’ve made melted crayon heart Valentine’s (totally cute and fun!), and this year we decided to do homemade chocolate heart lollipops.

I guess I’m feeling a little ambitious, hauling my pregnant self out of the house and taking both kids to Michael’s Arts & Crafts for supplies to make this project….and actually following through on making the lollipops ha! But, this is what they wanted to make for their friends, and it ended up being a fun project that both boys enjoyed doing!

These homemade chocolate Valentine’s lollipops would also make a perfect Valentine’s Day dessert for someone special.

(Note: my kids’ school allows candy treats for Valentine’s Day. Our previous school did not. Please check with your own child’s school to decide if this project is right for your family.)

valentine's heart lollipops minus one bite

DIY Homemade Chocolate Heart Valentine’s Day Lollipops


Heart lollipop mold


– meltable chocolate / candy melts

lollipop sticks

treat bags and twist ties


First, add a bit of sprinkles into your heart lollipop mold. If you don’t want sprinkles on your lollipop, feel free to skip this step…but my kids insisted on them!

(We made a batch of yellow lollipops for my younger son’s class, and a batch of pink lollipops for my older son’s class!)

adding sprinkles to lollipop mold

Next, melt your candy melts according to the package instructions. Once they’re totally melted begin adding the chocolate into the candy molds.

(We used squeezable bottles on the first round of pops. However, once the chocolate dried inside of the bottle it became a crusty chocolate mess. So, we just spooned the chocolate into the molds for the second batch of lollipops.)

squeezing pink chocolate into lollipop molds

Once the molds are filled with chocolate, you can definitely add some more sprinkles on top. Then, add in your lollipop stick. Twist to fully coat the stick in chocolate. Then, pop the mold into the fridge and let the chocolate lollipops harden for about 10-15 minutes.

Once the pops are hardened, you can easily remove them from the chocolate mold. Then, wrap them in the treat bags and twist tie to finish.

homemade valentine's chocolate lollipops

That’s it! You’ll have adorable homemade chocolate lollipops to give to all of your sweet Valentine’s! You can even finish these off with a cute Valentine’s treat tag like I did for another sweet treat we made.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, friends!

 homemade diy valentine's lollipops

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