DIY Ice Cream Sundae Kit Gift Free Printable Tags

Make a fun DIY Ice Cream Sundae Kit gift for Christmas with painted bowls and spoons, homemade toppings (or not) and holiday-themed printable tags.

DIY Ice Cream Sundae Kit for Christmas gifts with free printable tags. Make toppings yourself with easy recipes or not, it's up to you.

I’ve been waiting a whole year to share this DIY ice cream sundae kit Christmas gift idea with you! They were our Christmas gifts last year – they were fun to make and everybody loved them. This kit makes a perfect “family gift” – one gift you can give that an entire family will enjoy, because, hello – ice cream!

Give a fun Ice Cream Sundae Kit for Christmas

You may recognize the colorful painted bowls and matching dipped spoons from this tutorial I already published since they are a fun gift all on their own or as a part of another type of basket. But since my daughter created the fabulous, holiday-themed tags to go along with the kit we gave, it seemed best to wait for the holidays to share it with you and then offer you the tags as a printable.

So, if you don’t have a gift idea yet from the 31 days of handmade gifts series, this may be ‘the one.‘ (affiliate links are provided for your convenience below)

DIY Ice Cream Sundae Kit, Free Printables & Recipes

Ice Cream Sundae Kit with DIY bowls and spoons

Find and Paint Bowls & Spoons

The first thing you need to do is source and make your bowls and spoons. You can, of course, just buy colorful bowls (like this cute set) and plain spoons – it’s still a great gift idea and you can just customize it as much as your time and budget allow.

I found small white bowls (between 4.25 and 4.5 inches across) at stores like Walmart, Fred Meyers, Pier One, and Target for between $1 and $1.50 each. If you aren’t able to shop around, here’s some small white bowl options on Amazon.

Long ice tea spoons were harder to find – most of them came from Big Lots (here’s a set of 8 on Amazon that would work, too).

Homemade Toppings for Ice Cream Sundae Kit gift

Make (or Buy) Toppings & Package

Use the easy, printable recipes on the next page (by clicking the arrow at the bottom of this page) to make the ice cream toppings: Chocolate Sauce, Mocha Chips, and Peanut Butter Chips.

The recipe for the chocolate sauce here is actually a hot fudge sauce, but you can also use our classic Homemade Chocolate Syrup if you didn’t want to use milk, so I decided to go with a more generic label that would work for both.

Ice Cream Sundae Kit-mocha chips label

And the homemade chips? It’s a matter of mixing and letting dry, so they don’t take a lot of time, but of course you can buy different types of toppings. That’s why the labels only say ‘toppings’ – we simply wrote on the backs the varieties.

Use easy-to-find mason jars for packaging your toppings: 8 oz. size jars for the chocolate sauce and 4 oz. jars for the chips.

Ice Cream Sundae Kit with homemade toppings

Gather Baskets, Containers & Wrapping Supplies

Visit thrift stores for baskets or other containers that would look nice holding the contents of the kit. I also used gift bags, which were easier to cover and carry – just make sure they are sturdy (the kind with cardboard bottoms).

For filler (that you’ll need for both baskets and bags, since it helps cushion the jars), shred newsprint or scrap paper you have or use Dollar Store basket filler. Pick up some ribbon at the Dollar Store, too, if you need.

Ice Cream Sundae Kit-printable labels

Print the Free Tags & Put Kit Together

Print the tags by clicking the image below, then right-clicking and saving to your desktop and then tie them to the jars with simple jute twine:

Ice Cream Sundae Kit Printable Tags>

Click the arrow for all 3 toppings in a printable recipe format:

Take me to the recipe_300x135>

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DIY Ice Cream Sundae Kit Gift + Free Printable Tags
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