Cyclone Ockhi First To Travel 2,400 Km In Almost 40 Years

In December 1922, a cyclone that originated in the Bay of Bengal travelled about 4,000 km up to the coast of Yemen, he said.

Balachandran said cyclones in November 1966, November 1977, and November 1978, which formed over the Bay of Bengal, emerged into the Arabian sea and covered a distance of over 3,000 km.

However, these cyclones did not affect Kanyakumari as they traversed across Tamil Nadu, north of 10°N latitude, before emerging into the Arabian sea.

Ockhi was also significant in the sense that it led to copious rainfall, especially in the southern districts of Tamil Nadu with Tirunelveli and Kanyakumari getting 42 percent and 23 percent of excess rainfall respectively during the North- East monsoon season, he said.

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Cyclone Ockhi first to travel 2,400 km in almost 40 years
Cyclone Ockhi first in almost 40 years to travel 2,400 km
Cyclone Ockhi first in almost 40 years to travel 2,400km
Cyclone Ockhi first to travel 2,400km in almost 40 years