Current White House Official Is Target In Russia Probe, And Trump Told Lavrov That Comey Was A ‘nut Job’: Reports

A pair of published reports say that an investigation into possible coordination between Russia and the Trump campaign has identified a current White House official as a person of interest and that the president told the Russian foreign minister that fired FBI Director James Comey was a “nut job.” See full story.

U.S. and Saudi Arabia are expected to ink deals and investments worth $300 billion

General Electric announced several joint contracts with Saudi Arabia worth around $12 billion. See full story.

Trump administration wants to overhaul the way you repay student loans

The proposal has consumer advocates concerned See full story.

Madoff’s closest prison chum? Colombo crime-family boss, Carmine Persico Jr.

Shortly after Bernie Madoff arrived in prison, at the start of a 150-year sentence, the mastermind behind the largest financial fraud in history was slapped in the face. See full story.

The economic fortunes of Democratic and Republican states can be tracked through their diverging credit scores

The creditworthiness of many red states have been on the decline. See full story.


Many of the costliest cities are located in Asia and Europe. See full story.

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Current White House official is target in Russia probe, and Trump told Lavrov that Comey was a ‘nut job’: reports
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